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If you’re committed to growing your social media following, this is everything you need to make it happen in this current climate!

Whether you are needing to shift to online with your local business slowing down or on hiatus…

Or you’re realizing that a larger following will equal more customers and more sales…

Social Accelerator will make it super easy for you to know how to make it happen. It will give you the training you need to find your people, engage with your followers, and build the kind of relationship that turns those followers into customers.

This training includes the latest strategies, practices, and methods you need to get your social media accounts at peak performance.

This is not some surface-level, waste-your-time training.
(Because as sudden homeschoolers, none of us got time for that!)

This is REAL meat you can sink your teeth into. There are actionable plans…there’s homework…this is the real deal.

Here’s the rundown:

This comprehensive training will give you everything you need to press the gas on your social media for just $37.  You will get help with everything from the keys to Facebook Live to the latest news on Instagram to clarifying your brand.
In addition to the training videos, you will get a PDF bundle. The pages will help you with content ideas and planning, solidifying your brand, a checklist to make sure your accounts are in tip-top shape for growth, and much more!
I also give you a way to keep track of your insights. This is kind of like a scorecard to help see your growth so you know what is working and where to lean in even more.
In this training pack, I am giving you everything I know about growing your following for just $37. 
After going through this training, you will—
  • become a pro at Facebook Live
  • be on top of the latest Instagram trends
  • know exactly what your Facebook Page and Instagram feed need for prime engagement
  • have content ready and planned
  • AND be tracking your growth!

Here’s what is inside:

    Facebook Live

This is everything you need to start going live on Facebook. We will talk about why it is important, all the technical pieces, and even the secret to overcoming any fears you have! Facebook Live is a key piece of the puzzle when you are looking for big growth on social media. Don’t be intimidated! Don’t just watch others. Let me help you utilize this tool!

$147 value

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    All Things Instagram

This module shows you how to get active on Instagram! With stories and IGTV and Instagram Live, you have lots of options. Let’s break them down so you know all the ins and outs. Engagement and growth on Instagram are a vital part of exploding your social media presence!

$147 value

Screen Copies

    Developing Your Personal Brand

This training will help you get clarity on who you are serving and how you are serving them. Finding your audience is vital to developing a thriving online business. There is no better time to find your people than when you are getting started.

$147 value

personal brand
plus (2)

A PDF bundle worth $67!

How to Get Your First 1000 Followers

Content Calendar/Ideas

Social Media Accountability Tracker

This is a complete list of my most favorite tools and apps. There is no reason to waste time searching and comparing. I have taken care of it for you!
This content calendar will provide awesome content ideas and inspiration for posts and stories. I explain the 4 different types of content and give examples.
This worksheet will help you find when you are your most productive and plan and organize your time. 
brand (3)
brand (7)

Brand Guide

Social Media


This guide will help you gather all your branding colors, logos, and fonts and store in one place.
This is a checklist to use on all your accounts to make sure you are optimizing every area.
This will allow you to track your progress giving you insight on where to lean in even more!
brand (1)
brand (4)
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14-Day Free Trial of Inner Circle

In my Inner Circle monthly membership, you will find community, stay on top of the latest in social media, and learn the best ways to grow your platforms.

More than $500 in value!

Total Price = $37


As part of the social accelerator, you’ll enjoy your first 14 days of the Inner Circle at no charge while you get started. Each month thereafter is just $47 as you grow your audience and learn the ins and outs of running an online business. 

If you’re on the fence or you know darned good and well that you should sign up but you just can’t get the courage to pull the trigger, check out these stories from women JUST.LIKE.YOU.

Lyndsey Hall

I made 15k in sales this month which is about 5x what I normally do. I wrote my first eBook on how I did that (which has sold over 65 times in 48 hours with very little advertisement) and made my first steps to building my own website and shifting my business from Etsy. So many wins and I’ve only been in the group for one month! Truly unbelievable!

Karen Oshaughnessy

I did my first Facebook ad and reached 1000 followers in the first week of the ad and recouped the money for the ad with orders, happy happy. I would not have been able to do this without all the advice from the whole “Team Allwood.” So a very big Thank You!!!

Who is Social Accelerator for?

The Social Accelerator training pack is for:
✔ Online businesses looking to grow their audiences
✔ Talented women like you who are ready for more
✔ Brick and mortar businesses who are looking to pivot online
✔ People who are motivated but need a step by step plan


If you are scared about finding customers or worried about ending up in a cash crunch or petrified about the future of the economy, that is no way to live.


And if you let fear take the driver’s seat in your mind… it can become a very scary experience. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Fear is NOT the boss of you.


You DO have a choice on how you handle this current environment and what you do for your business. Take action today!

We’ve had some questions about this training pack! Maybe you want to ask…

Q: Do you have to have a social media following already to sign up?

A: No way. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Q: Jen, are you gonna tell me I have to spend a small fortune in ads for this to work?

A: Absolutely not. Most of my people see results from Inner Circle with little to no ad spend.

Q: Do I have to be online my entire life? I’m SO busy right now?

A: Nope! As part of this kit, you’ll get everything you need to get started with where to focus and shortcut your progress.

Q: I already have business accounts on social media? Will this help me?

A: Yes! This training is meant for anyone who wants to grow their following whether it be from 100 to 1000 or 10,000 to 20,000. Whatever your goal, this will help!

Meet Jennifer Allwood

I have found freedom in my business, my time, my finances, and most importantly, my faith, through years of releasing more and more over to God. What started as a desire to help pull my family out of financial desperation became a calling to help other women find the courage to do the same. 

I stand steadfast in the idea of using my business as a way to serve God and my family. My goal is to use the tools so readily available—social media, email, the Internet—as the way to make this happen. I know getting unstuck, pushing through the overwhelm, and doing things in spite of fear are key in growing any business.

I teach small business owners and creatives how to turn their side hustle, their hobbies and their struggling biz into thriving, profitable businesses. If you’re interested in working smarter on social media and not harder, if you want to lay down the hustle and instead work on what counts, I am totally your girl. I will teach you how to take your business online, grow your social media platform, and reach an unlimited supply of ideal clients and customers – so you don’t have to be online all stinkin’ day!

Today I am able to use my social media following of 500K people, my podcast, The Jennifer Allwood Show, with almost 2M downloads, my coaching groups with thousands of members, and my #1 best selling book, Fear is Not the Boss of You, to help other women do for their businesses what I have done in mine.

My goal is to inspire women to believe that they are enough…motivate them and give them permission to lean into their calling. I am the best friend that will light a fire underneath you and then cheer you on every step of the way.

I have had thousands of small biz owners just like you find incredible growth in their followers and bottom line.
I want to help you too!

More than $500 in value!

Total Price = $37