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Inner Circle FAQs

What if I’m not a painter or creative?

Listen, if you are a biz owner of ANY kind, you create. Yes, I do talk on occasion about how the creative mind thinks and habits of creative people, but the CONTENT of my coaching group works if you are in real estate, own a restaurant, are a personal shopper or any other business that NEEDS TO GROW THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA to get more customers. The Inner Circle DOES have a lot of creatives, but that’s mostly because I’m a creative and that’s how the group began.  As we’ve grown, so have the types of business represented! The Inner Circle now includes real estate agents, farmers, accountants, lawyers and all sorts of other businesses. Because the bottom line is that EVERY biz needs help growing online.

Is this group only for women?

Nope.  The majority of the group is women, but men are welcome, too (and you won’t be the only guy in the group).

Can we quit at any time?

Yes, I promise this is NOT group coaching jail. There is no contract! Quit anytime, but keep in mind you’ll need to give us 48 hours before your payment renewal processes to cancel your membership. And because this group functions best with committed members, if you do decide to quit, you won’t be allowed to rejoin for one full year. 

What if I’m not good with technology?

If you have a Facebook page and a little experience navigating on a computer you’ll be fine!  We keep things pretty simple. Besides, in this day and age you can Google just about anything or email us if you don’t understand something.

What if I don’t have a business yet?

No problem! We can help you get started inside The Creators’ Inner Circle! Your membership includes a full library of content to walk you through beginning a creative business. You’ll get step-by-step instruction plus have access to ask any questions that arise on our monthly live call or inside our FB group! And of course you can still learn a lot about growing your social media platforms and growing your audience.  It might be the catalyst to get you motivated and get your business off the ground.

What makes The Creators' Inner Circle different from other membership sites?

The Creators’ Inner Circle is different because it was designed by a creative entrepreneur (me!) FOR creative entrepreneurs (you!). The things I teach inside the Inner Circle are the same techniques that helped me grow my own business to 7 figures and my platform to half a million followers. This isn’t just theory; this is proven business strategy.  Plus, I’m a woman of faith who believes in family. My passion in life is to help you utilize the skills and talents that God gifted you with in a way that lets you be the mom, wife, sister and friend you’re meant to be. I’m all about dropping the hustle AND raising the bottom line – at the same time.

How is the Inner Circle different from Creator’s Roadmap?

The Creators’ Inner Circle is a monthly coaching group where you will learn how to grow your platform. Creators’ Roadmap focuses on implementing additional revenue streams into your business.

Will I have direct access to Jennifer so I can ask her questions?

You can get your questions answered at any time in the group by your peers, and you can join the Live call each month for an opportunity to speak directly with me!

Will my business partner have access to the Inner Circle too?

Sorry, unfortunately we can only allow one person per membership to have the login credentials to the library and have access to the Facebook group.

When can I join next? It’s not good timing right now.

We only open the Inner Circle a few times a year, but if it’s not the right time for you right now, you can get on the waitlist to be notified as soon as we’re opening next.

I’m in direct sales. Will the Inner Circle help me?

Yes! It doesn’t matter what you sell, you need an audience to sell to. The Creators’ Inner Circle will teach you how to grow that audience.

I don’t have a website yet. Can I benefit from the Inner Circle?

Yes. Learn what to do and what NOT to do before building your website. I regularly review members’ websites and Facebook pages in the Inner Circle. You can learn a lot from that!  Then, you’ll WANT to get that website up and going!

Is the Inner Circle for beginners or someone more advanced?

We have members that are just starting out all the way up to members who are making 6 figures a month. It doesn’t matter where you’re at in business, the principles that I’m teaching will apply to any level of business.

Do I have to attend all of the training meetings?

All of the recordings are available for you to watch at your convenience. Joining the Live calls does, however, give you the opportunity to engage! But we like to think of this like a buffet, take what you want, consume what you want. The key is to remember that you are the one that controls your overwhelm. The only thing I ask is that you IMPLEMENT the trainings that you’re watching. Because watching and watching will only get you so far if you’re not making any actual changes. 

What if I can’t be on the LIVE calls?

No worries, my friend. Every call is recorded so you can watch them at anytime that works for you. We know that your schedule is often as creative as you are, and your work hours may not line up with our training times. That’s why we’ve made the replays easy to find and watch inside The Creators’ Inner Circle.

Is the training recorded?

All of the trainings are recorded so that you can watch at your convenience.

Do I have to be in the Facebook group?

We strongly encourage you to join our Facebook group so that you don’t miss out on the community that you’ll find inside and the opportunity to ask and get your questions answered by the business owners working alongside of you, but it is not required.

Can I be an affiliate for the Inner Circle even if I’m not a member?

Sorry, no. We like all of our affiliates to be current members of the program.

When would the payments be charged to me each month?

You are billed automatically every 30 days.  If you registered on the first day of the month your payment will be on or around the first of each month.  If you registered initially on the 2nd of the month then your payment will be on or around the 2nd of each month and so forth.

I didn’t see my question addressed. Is there someone I can ask?

Of course! Just message and someone from my team will respond to you within 24 hours.