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Teaching business owners how to use social media to make more sales.

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Your passion may feed your soul, it hasn’t always fed your bank account.
And you’re ready for that to change.

But what if you could take tools you’re already using – your social media platforms – and start leveraging them to grow your creative business?

What if you could harness the power of social media to promote your business and find your EXACT right clients and customers with ease?

What if you weren’t limited to your current city for clients but could instead get your art and projects into the hands of people all around the world?

What if you could build a platform that would let you be seen as an expert instead of a hobbyist?

The bottom line? You’re ready for GROWTH but you don’t know how to make it happen without running yourself ragged!

Meet Jennifer Allwood.

I’m here to help. I’ve turned my creative passions into a
7-figure online business, and now I’m showing YOU how to grow a social platform that will bolster your bottom line!

Hey there! I’m Jennifer Allwood, and I teach creatives how to turn their hobbies into thriving businesses. If you’re a painter, artist, DIYer, crafter, or maker who is ready to have more ease and freedom in your life without sacrificing your lifestyle, I’m your girl! I will teach you how to take your creative business online, grow your social media platform, and reach an unlimited supply of ideal clients and customers – so you can enjoy your art again!

And how do I know this is possible for you? Well, I’ve done it for myself! Over the last five years, I’ve transformed my local paint-finishing business to an online empire, going from $0 online to building a profitable platform that has allowed my husband and me to make a more comfortable living, retire him from his corporate position, move into our new dream home, and be fully present parents for our kids. The success of my business is largely due to me growing my social media platforms from the ground up. With 90,000 email subscribers, 350,000 FB fans, and more than 75,000 Instagram followers, I know there’s an audience for the work I produce. And I can show you how to build the same thing for your business.

I remember those days of trading time for dollars and the stress and strain it put on our family. I’m here to get you out of that lifestyle, and into freedom, ease, and flexibility!

Are you ready to take your business to
the next level?

Here’s what you will receive each month!

Monthly Actions

Each month you’ll get homework to take your learning to the next level, bonus resources, and a Needle-Mover Action Item to help you make immediate forward progress in your online business.

Master Class Training

Each month, we’ll bring in an EXPERT to interview on a particular topic that’s relevant to your business. You’ll hear first-hand knowledge and info from the pros! 

Group Coaching Calls

Get your personal questions answered LIVE on our monthly group calls! No biz building topic is off limits here. You’ll get my direct feedback on your most pressing questions.

The Community

Come find your place among like minded business owners just like you. We are better together, and having a support system is key to thriving in your entrepreneurship. 

Monthly Mentoring

Each and every month, I’m telling you EXACTLY what to do to grow your social media platform. I’ve built my own platform to half a million followers, and this is doable for you, too. But it requires a STRATEGY that I’m giving you inside the Inner Circle!

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